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Contentski 04–05 Creativity + Technology 06–07 3 Tips for Better Listening 08–09 Garage|Shots Magazine 10–11 Identity Investments 12–13 The Höktagon 14–15 Profile: Ziad Sheena 16–17 Profile: Brenda Gheran 18–19 Project Heroes 20–21 Finding the Nik 22–23 Contest: WTF? Let There Be Light 3Winter Funk Busters In Edmonton we fight our own cold war, from November to May. Will winter never end? Yes, friend, soon puddles fill the potholes. In the meantime, here's three diversions to help you stay sane. Sausages Down Turn Frowns Upside At the peak of the Cold War, Russia produced 200 different kinds of sausages. That's a new sausage for every day it's below -10. Vodka Hammer That Sickle With the interwebs, stockpiling vodkas in your bunker has never been easier. Check out this handy link. www.liquorconnect.com Spying With Embed Gadgets Why? Ummm—why the heck not? It's never been easier and nothing reduces paranoia like more paranoia.

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