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Q+A "I think we have a solid understanding of the conceptual underpinnings of digital and technology, and when you combine that knowledge with creativity… well that is where there is endless opportunity." people or companies to execute at a high quality level. Luckily for us, people need help to develop these kind of projects, and to design the systems and programs required to manage them. I see our role as a company changing as technology drives changes in what people want to focus on." Jeff — "It doesn't matter what you do, organizations need creativity to navigate an increasingly complex world. It's been my experience that when creativity is combined with intuition, inspiration, and technology things really take off. There's a great degree of 'blurring' going on right now. For example, I see advertising, information, and transactions starting to blur. It takes a high level of creativity and skill to manage this change. We've become very good at doing this. " What communication tools should people be focusing on? Jeff — "The keyword is focus. Information from more and more channels continues to erode our ability to focus. There's so much choice right now for messaging. Do I tweet? Do I use Facebook? Do I use LinkedIn? Should I produce a newsletter? In many organizations this either causes a toe-half-in approach or it causes complete paralysis. Because we work with so many clients, we have to be experts in a wide variety of applications. These means that we've become good at analyzing and recommending best choices based on the goals at hand." Marc — "Yeah, it's the same issue on the tech side. There is no way a tech department can keep up with all the technical advancements being made. If I had to pick one area to zoom in on I'd pick video. I see video on the verge of becoming as important and as 'day-to-day' as email. I see that growing as people come to see its power when it's combined with targeted tactics and streamlined delivery." You can learn more about Jeff, Marc, and the rest of the team at www.hoknik.com/TheStudio/People.aspx. 6 Tips for the future 1. Be Collaborative 2. Be Different 3. Stay Authentic 4. Build Your Story 5. Experiment with Messaging 6. Always Fear the Robots

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