Antique Impressions 2014

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  Montiel  Walnut An elegant medium brown   Morena  Hickory A dark chocolate shade   Cantabria  Hickory A cool charcoal brown Ávila Hickory A light, pale hue   Navarre  White Oak A medium weathered brown   Seville  White Oak A medium neutral blonde   Aragon  Hickory A rich bronze patina   Cádiz  Hickory A rich chestnut brown Solana Walnut Blonde tones & exotic grain pattern   Zamora  White Oak A medium brown with rich hues Walnut An exotic cherry-brown   Ferrera  Engineered Composition Top Layer: 4.5mm Solid Hardwood Wear Layer • Žick solid-sawn veneer allows for multiple re-sandings • True solid plank look with engineered stability • Highest quality formaldehyde-free adhesive used for gluing components together Middle Layer: 10mm Douglas Fir Cross-Laminated Fillets • Superior rigidity prevents cupping and width shrinkage • Nail down strength identical to solid wood flooring Bottom Layer: 4.5mm Douglas Fir Balancing Layer • Same thickness as top wear layer for the ultimate in balanced stability • Improved performance for glue-down applications Creative At Home's patented DACS (Design for Advanced Core Stability) system of engineered flooring is a highly innovative breakthrough that combines unparalleled dimensional stability with a finished form almost indistinguishable from solid wood flooring. Side Strips: Solid Douglas Fir • Contributes to overall stability by sealing off fillet endgrain, thereby reducing changes to core moisture content. • DACS tongue and groove simulate the function and appearance of solid wood flooring C astillo Plank Collection

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