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Inner City Annual Report Wrapped Up

ADj - Drummer Facing Camera - IMG_4160_web.jpg
ADj - Girl in Animal Hat - IMG_4115_web.jpg
ADJ - Girl in Gym_IMG3974_web.jpg
ADJ - Kids Lifting Weights_IMG3909_web.jpg
ADj - Two Kids Thumbs Up _IMG3972_web.jpg
ADJ Hair Style Room_IMG3959_web.jpg
ADj Swing and Mural_IMG3888_web.jpg
ADj Sign and Trees_IMG3899_web.jpg
ADj Boys Playing BBall -_IMG3967_web.jpg

We recently completed the design of Inner City Youth Development Association’s 2015-2016 Annual Report. ICYDA is a not-for profit that provides services to high risk Edmonton youth. We’ve been working with them for many years. We helped design and layout the publication and took photos at the Association’s downtown facility to liven up report. We were also tasked with developing the web-based promotion around the report’s release on Inner City’s website.  

Over the years we’ve seen the annual report become so much more than a booklet of dense facts and figures. Online annual reports are quickly becoming the norm, and with that the opportunity to combine other facets of the company with financial disclosure. Headlines like “environmental citizenship,” “company culture,” “nonprofit work,” and “team building” are now a regular part of many an annual report, making it the best source of strategic communication for the company.

If you want to liven up your next annual report or any report, just contact us!

To read the report online in Flip Book format, click the image above or by clicking here