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Royal Pizza Catering


Lasagna & Salads For All

When a client says, "We want to sell lasagnas to every business in Edmonton," we're immediately intrigued. That's sort of how we started working with Royal Pizza, developing a new catering menu to promote a new selection of pasta-pan lunch items to businesses.  

Our work involved creating a direct mail piece that was delivered as unaddressed admail by Canada Post to every business in Edmonton. We coordinated the photography with Darren Greenwood Photography, and spent a half-day on location at the restaurant shooting the catering menu items. The final piece was printed by McCallumn Printing and they coordinated the mailing component. 


Back at the Nik, we also helped Royal Pizza get their website updated with the new category of menu items and adjusted their Google Analytics, so they could track web activity on the lunch launch. Just so you know, we can safely say they're still making it great over there. (And we have the very tight belts to prove it...)