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Showroom Relaunch


An Integrated Relaunch

Alberta Hardwood Flooring is a longtime retailer in Edmonton and Calgary. Last year in Edmonton they embarked on an extensive redesign of their south side showroom. The renovation was built around simplifying the selection process of flooring. They created a more open space that allowed customers to look for flooring options by key supplier, calling these stations 'Discovery Centres'. Initially our role was to create the wall graphics that would identify and decorate specific areas of the space. With addition of tablets to the supplier stations, the project evolved towards developing a solution that allowed customers to view selections online.   

Showroom Graphics

We developed a number of graphics for the showroom starting in March 2015. The process involved photographing the rooms' wall surfaces and then doing conceptual design work in Photoshop so we could show back proofs during construction. The graphics were a combination of vinyl cut lettering, three dimensional laser cut dimensional text and graphics, four colour digital artwork for certain walls, electronic display graphics for a reception TV,  and a privacy treatment for the board room glass windows. As we got closer to installation, we had to-size paper proofs printed and installed to check sizes and type. 

Website Redesign & Tablets

As each supplier station had tablets installed, we looked for a responsive solution that would allow us to redevelop the client's existing website to display products in the showroom as well as on desktop monitors. The website was designed at the same time as the showroom graphics and relaunched prior to the showroom open house. 

Event Invitations & RSVP Management

To invite guests to the showroom opening, we created an email invitation and connected it to an RSVP application. Email invitations and reminders were sent out on a schedule and RSVPs tracked prior to the event. And event photographer was hired to photograph the evening.